Big Sur Camping


‘Tis the season to start planning our spring camping trips. One of my most favorite spots is Big Sur. A little trickier now than it used to be as the campgrounds require reservations AND for the most part, if you want a killer campsite, you need to book wayyyyyy in advance.

Plaskett is a great place for larger groups and families. Also advantageous as you can walk to Sand Dollar Beach:

Sand Dollar Beach is where we like to surf:

Happy spring!

High heel Surfing in Bali

These Russian women rock!

My pop up would be hideous in high heels. I can barely walk in high heels. Perhaps a nice thick wedge would work…oh, I digress.

Anyway, this is a rather captivating video. I couldn’t stop watching. Have a peek!


For the Surf Diva in your life!

IMG_1748Not much swell, so been creating new designs!

This “Surf Diva Triple Wrap Bracelet” captures the essence of the beautiful blue/green waves we pray for with a touch of black for a night on the town. Handmade with 4mm and 6mm Aventurine (instills leadership), 6mm African Jade (said to bring good luck and enhance expressiveness and intelligence), 4mm Chalk Turquoise (for inner peace), green Swarovski Elements Crystals and natural black leather and black thread. This bracelet is shown with a unique tulip shape gunmetal button although I use various silver colored buttons depending on availability.

To celebrate the 4th of July, I’m extending a special offer of $79 for this gem (normally $99) for all orders placed by midnight on 7/7. I have 3 in stock – first come first served for quick delivery.

Looking forward to making you a beautiful bracelet while I wait patiently for waves!

Jay Moriarity – Who’s He?

Website_banner_JAYRACE21OK. If you live in Santa Cruz, you don’t have to be a surfer to know who Jay is. If you don’t, please take just a couple minutes to check out this video showcasing some amazing footage of Jay surfing our favorite Santa Cruz spots as well as, of course, Mavericks. Jay–an incredible waterman. But more importantly, an incredible human being with an amazing outlook on life. The interviews woven in this piece reveal the positive impact he had on many people in our community.

The Jay Race in Capitola today honors Jay, his spirit, and philosophy on life. He was truly infectious and still is, from another place. It’s a perfect day to head to the beach so come on down and be part of the celebration.

I didn’t know Jay personally. I wish I had. Mostly because I like to surround myself with people who have a positive attitude. It rubs off on me, makes me a better person, and then I feel empowered to share that energy with others.

Embrace. Live Like Jay.



Meet Gerry Lopez this Friday 6/21!


“Mr. Pipeline” himself is in town this weekend for the Jay Race (more on that in a future post).

I’ve met Gerry before and he’s the most gracious man. Listen to some of his stories by visiting Covewater SUP of Santa Cruz this Friday from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

While you are there, be sure to talk to the owners, Scott and Leslie, and check out their Spring SUP Sale! I picked up the 9’0″ Covewater Nohea Women’s SUP and LOVE IT! Lightweight, stable, fantastic beginner/intermediate board for cruising the bay.

Hope to see you this Friday!

P.S. Photo courtesy of Covewater.


Pleasure Point – Huge South Swell


IMG_1842It’s so hard to capture a good shot on my little iPhone. But the size today was amazing, and the shape! From the Hook to the Point was a short boarders paradise. 

I thought I’d get a jump on things…I got up at 5:30 AM, coffee in hand at 6:00 to check out the waves and decide what board to take. As I approached the cliff I could hear the waves pounding. Then, I saw the scene. At least 100 people.  Spread out but there they were, like little ants compared to the sets rolling through. And at 6:00 AM! 

In any case, I watched the show and it was incredible. Surfers were getting tubed at the Drainpipe – a rare sight to see, perhaps only a few times a year here. So, it was really cool.

I decided to wait it out and surf a little later. I chose a different spot a little mo’ betta for long boarding. Not telling where – but I had a great session on my 8’0″ Johnny Rice Quad Piglet. 

If you’re not gonna go get some waves this weekend, at least spend some time watching the local pros. Something you’ll remember.

Hasta Luego


Social Media Tip: Just Ask!

ImageI’ve been in the sales and marketing profession for my entire adult life enjoying various jobs including car sales, time shares, advertising, art glass, and more. One of the lessons you learn is to always “ask”. Ask about your client’s needs, ask about their preferences, and the big one–ask for the order.

In social media, you’d be amazed at what happens when you simply ask your fans/friends to share your post, like your page, retweet your tweet, or pin! I did just this the other day on Facebook and nearly doubled my Monterey Bay Beads page’s “likes”. Still a small number but growing steadily, organically.

The impetus: Since I was adding a new product (single wrap bracelet) which was a lower price point than my other bracelets (doubles/triples), I thought it would be a good opportunity to ask my friends to spread the word and help generate awareness about my new company and designs. The colors of the beads and crystals used in my new single wrap leather bracelet are inspired by the sand and sunrise early morning dog walkers and surfers enjoy. Hence the name, “Dawn Patrol”.

So, I have a few theories on why many people don’t “ask”:

  • they forget
  • they feel embarrassed
  • they feel it’s too pushy
  • they’re afraid no one will respond (REJECTION! In sales, you get over this eventually if you keep on with it)

So, do you ask? And if not, what stops you?

Just asking.

Art & Chocolate Open Studios May 11 & 12

fluid-motion1 friesianschasing-your-dreams

Forecast this weekend is flat, flat, flat but luckily there are a number of things I’m looking forward to doing! One of which is the Art & Chocolate Open Studios Tour in the Live Oak/Pleasure Point area.

One of my “dog walking” friends, Janet Ferraro, is participating and has done so in year’s past. She’s also been in many other local art shows such as Open Studios, Art in the Garden, and Capitola Book Cafe. So, perhaps you’re familiar with her work.

Janet shared with me: ‘The strength, beauty and elegance of the horses captured my heart long ago. Creating art that embodies their spirit and beauty continues to inspire me!’

I remember the first time I visited Janet’s studio during an Open Studios event. I’m actually not into horses at all. In fact, I’m a bit fearful of them. So I didn’t expect to appreciate her work (not the quality, just the subject matter). To my surprise, I was completely enthralled by her paintings and still am to this day. She has an incredible talent.

Running is more up my alley so I was thrilled when Janet was selected to create the Wharf to Wharf artwork for the poster in 2011. I love her use of color, texture, and how she creates “movement” in her paintings.


Whether you are a horse lover or not, I encourage you to check out Janet’s work. You’ll be glad you did…and maybe I’ll see you there!

Kiteboarding in front of Jack O’Neill’s


This past weekend’s afternoons were extremely blustery. So much so that there were a couple kiteboarders surfing (and flying!) in front of Jack O’Neill’s house in Pleasure Point. You can always find these guys doing their tricks up at Scott Creek Beach but not so often here at the Point.

The coolest thing was that one guy was towing his kid on a surfboard! Hard to tell what was going on but another neighbor verified so I wasn’t seeing things. In any case, this kiteboarder was amazing! I’m sure he was having a blast and  and I hope his passenger was enjoying himself (or herself??) in the windy, choppy surf.

Sorry, but you won’t find me out in that mess. The wind is not my friend. I prefer nice, clean, glassy surf. Here’s hoping for calmer days ahead.

Side note: There must be some gals that kiteboard. If you know of any, please advise.

Hasta Luego