Pleasure Point Springtime.


Camping on the Sea of Cortez.


Camping with my #1 in Big Sur.


Top of Half Dome

I have many passions in life but surfing is #1. Dog (Zak) and husband (Steve) are a close #2 and #3, and Steve insists it’s in that order. I also love yoga, orchids, and gluten-free cooking (how California).

Since I live in Pleasure Point and typically longboard, 2nd peak and 38th are what I consider to be my home breaks. Keep an eye out and you’ll probably see me as I usually get out for a sesh every day depending on my work schedule.

I’m fortunate to mostly work from home and equally as fortunate to love my work! I’m a freelance marketing and web project manager for various digital agencies and also lead client services for Susan Kare Design. We also started Kare Prints to offer signed limited edition giclee fine art prints featuring many of Susan’s well-known icon designs for the early Apple Macintosh computers.

Last, but certainly not least, surf + art + fashion = Monterey Bay Beads, where I design and create minimalist jewelry with a little bit of funkiness as well as leather beaded wrap bracelets inspired by the natural beauty of the Monterey Bay and surf travel.

To reach me directly, please email me at heidi at heidi nilsen dot com or give me a ring: 831-475-2989

See you in the line up!

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