For the Surf Diva in your life!

IMG_1748Not much swell, so been creating new designs!

This “Surf Diva Triple Wrap Bracelet” captures the essence of the beautiful blue/green waves we pray for with a touch of black for a night on the town. Handmade with 4mm and 6mm Aventurine (instills leadership), 6mm African Jade (said to bring good luck and enhance expressiveness and intelligence), 4mm Chalk Turquoise (for inner peace), green Swarovski Elements Crystals and natural black leather and black thread. This bracelet is shown with a unique tulip shape gunmetal button although I use various silver colored buttons depending on availability.

To celebrate the 4th of July, I’m extending a special offer of $79 for this gem (normally $99) for all orders placed by midnight on 7/7. I have 3 in stock – first come first served for quick delivery.

Looking forward to making you a beautiful bracelet while I wait patiently for waves!

Social Media Tip: Just Ask!

ImageI’ve been in the sales and marketing profession for my entire adult life enjoying various jobs including car sales, time shares, advertising, art glass, and more. One of the lessons you learn is to always “ask”. Ask about your client’s needs, ask about their preferences, and the big one–ask for the order.

In social media, you’d be amazed at what happens when you simply ask your fans/friends to share your post, like your page, retweet your tweet, or pin! I did just this the other day on Facebook and nearly doubled my Monterey Bay Beads page’s “likes”. Still a small number but growing steadily, organically.

The impetus: Since I was adding a new product (single wrap bracelet) which was a lower price point than my other bracelets (doubles/triples), I thought it would be a good opportunity to ask my friends to spread the word and help generate awareness about my new company and designs. The colors of the beads and crystals used in my new single wrap leather bracelet are inspired by the sand and sunrise early morning dog walkers and surfers enjoy. Hence the name, “Dawn Patrol”.

So, I have a few theories on why many people don’t “ask”:

  • they forget
  • they feel embarrassed
  • they feel it’s too pushy
  • they’re afraid no one will respond (REJECTION! In sales, you get over this eventually if you keep on with it)

So, do you ask? And if not, what stops you?

Just asking.

Inspirations from Sea Glass


When there are no waves what does a surfer do? Well, one of the things I enjoy is beach combing. I’m always on the lookout for unusual finds and typically come back with a pocketful of sea glass.

May favorite sea glass color is the dark, yet bright, blue. Very rare. So instead my jar at home is primarily filled with various shades of green, white, and some brown.

A fellow surfing friend requested this custom leather beaded triple wrap bracelet design. Predominantly green to match her eyes (and it does so almost perfectly), I named this design “Sea Glass”. I came to learn that she has an Ashley Lloyd Thompson surfboard, which she also named “Sea Glass”. I love serendipity!

To see this design and others, checkout my gallery.

When the surf is not happening, what do you like to do?

Happy beach combing!