Social Media Tip: Just Ask!

ImageI’ve been in the sales and marketing profession for my entire adult life enjoying various jobs including car sales, time shares, advertising, art glass, and more. One of the lessons you learn is to always “ask”. Ask about your client’s needs, ask about their preferences, and the big one–ask for the order.

In social media, you’d be amazed at what happens when you simply ask your fans/friends to share your post, like your page, retweet your tweet, or pin! I did just this the other day on Facebook and nearly doubled my Monterey Bay Beads page’s “likes”. Still a small number but growing steadily, organically.

The impetus: Since I was adding a new product (single wrap bracelet) which was a lower price point than my other bracelets (doubles/triples), I thought it would be a good opportunity to ask my friends to spread the word and help generate awareness about my new company and designs. The colors of the beads and crystals used in my new single wrap leather bracelet are inspired by the sand and sunrise early morning dog walkers and surfers enjoy. Hence the name, “Dawn Patrol”.

So, I have a few theories on why many people don’t “ask”:

  • they forget
  • they feel embarrassed
  • they feel it’s too pushy
  • they’re afraid no one will respond (REJECTION! In sales, you get over this eventually if you keep on with it)

So, do you ask? And if not, what stops you?

Just asking.