Big Sur Camping


‘Tis the season to start planning our spring camping trips. One of my most favorite spots is Big Sur. A little trickier now than it used to be as the campgrounds require reservations AND for the most part, if you want a killer campsite, you need to book wayyyyyy in advance.

Plaskett is a great place for larger groups and families. Also advantageous as you can walk to Sand Dollar Beach:

Sand Dollar Beach is where we like to surf:

Happy spring!

High heel Surfing in Bali

These Russian women rock!

My pop up would be hideous in high heels. I can barely walk in high heels. Perhaps a nice thick wedge would work…oh, I digress.

Anyway, this is a rather captivating video. I couldn’t stop watching. Have a peek!


Happy 75th Johnny Rice!

Today’s a special day for the legendary surfer and surfboard shaper, Johnny Rice. Not only is it his 75th birthday but Santa Cruz Mayor, Hilary Bryant, issued a proclamation that April 21, 2013 is Johnny Rice Day. But if you know Johnny and his positive outlook on life, then you’d know that he considers every day to be special.

DSC01633     IMG_0173

I’ve known Johnny and his wife Rosemari for quite a while and he’s shaped a number of boards for me, 2 of which are my absolute favorites: a 9’3″ pintail and an 8’3″ quad piglet.

To learn more about Johnny, check out this old story by Nina Wu.

Happy Birthday to my good friend and favorite shaper!

Summer Surfing in Santa Cruz


Here they come! The foamies (or sponges, if you prefer). Lined up like little soldiers at Costco, now in various sizes and colors.

Summer surfing in Santa Cruz can be a ton of fun albeit with hazards: newbies on their foamies and/or aggro surfers who just can’t stand the newbies in the line up.

However, as of the past year or so, there seems to be more foamies in the line up and guess who’s surfing them? Some of the reallllly good surfers at Pleasure Point. Seriously. A good friend of mine has gone as far to say that she’s going to ask her shaper to make her a board modeled after her 8′ Costco board. I think she’s kidding but she actually has a lot of fun on her Costco board. Here’s why and perhaps the reason we’re starting to see more veterans leave their precious glass boards at home:

  • no worries about getting a ding 
  • relatively no worries about hurting anyone if you run into them (again, those summer crowds can be brutal)
  • lightweight so easy to carry (a nice benefit after a marathon session in the hot sun)
  • super floaty so easy to paddle and catch waves (helpful when you’re battling it out with the crowds)
  • inexpensive so more palatable to just go buy a new one when it gets waterlogged

So, you may want to go to the dark side and check these boards out. I have yet to add one to my quiver but never say never! 2013 may be the year as I’ve been eyeballing the foamie Fish!

Side note: my husband saw a similar photo on and that inspired me to write this post.