Fun at the Logjam! 2013


If you live at the Point, you’re likely to hear the sound of a surf contest horn every weekend from spring through fall. In addition to spending a little time planning where you’re going to surf, it also means there’s a constant source of entertainment.

This past weekend was probably my most favorite contest: The Logjam! put on by the Big Stick Surfing Association. Here’s why:

  • pre-1970 old boards only
  • no leashes (aka kook cords)
  • first day is Aloha day where everyone surfs twice in mixed heats (men, women, and abilities)
  • Aloha Team competition: 2 surfers on 2 old boards riding the same wave together
  • probably the best T-shirt designs

And no, I didn’t compete. But my friend and surfboard shaper, Ashley Lloyd Thompson, suggested I get out there in 2014. We shall see!

The photos really say it all so here are some links to the best I’ve seen so far. Enjoy!:

Big Stick Surfing Association

Howard “Boots” McGhee

Paradise Surf


Reflecting on Women on Waves 2013


I wasn’t going to compete. Why?

  • Surfing competitions make me nervous
  • I’m “a bit” competitive
  • I don’t like the idea of people I know seeing me do a bonehead move
  • If I can help it, I don’t go out of my way to embarrass myself

However, a good friend pointed out that Women on Waves is a FESTIVAL. It’s about celebrating women and surfing, setting a good example for young women and girls who are interested in the sport, and the money goes to charity. It’s really NOT a competition. Although the vibe is a little different when you’re out in the line up with a jersey on and watching the time clock to make sure you get your wave count.

In any case, I swallowed my pride and participated. It also helped that about 15 of my closest women surf buddies were also part of the festivities. By my second heat I had relaxed enough to where I can say I had a great time and glad I did it.

Video and Photos

  • This short video captures the essence of the Surf Fest
  • Mike Murray’s got some amazing photos
  • Photo in this post by Douglass Weymouth

Event Info.: Women on Waves Facebook Page

So, plan on seeing me next year – hopefully not doing a bonehead move!